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The IDILIQ Foundation, through its volunteers Peter and Susie Procter, has made a 5,000 euros donation to Lara’s family, an amount that will be used to finance medical treatment for this little girl.

Peter volunteered to take part in the TotalEnergies Marathon on 10th March with the aim of raising funds for Lara, a young girl from Mijas who was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer at the age of 9 months. She is now 12 and urgently needs to undergo two operations, one of them on her back to stretch the growth rods implanted in 2021 and the other on her foot, as she can no longer support the weight of her body with her ankle, meaning she can no longer walk.

All this is a great effort and cost for the family.

In the end, Peter successfully completed the race, wearing the IDILIQ Foundation T-shirt and raised a total of 2,500 euros, a figure that the Foundation has pledged to double.

The Foundation is proud to have such supportive volunteers to support important causes like this.

A big thank you to Peter, Susie and everyone who lent their support.