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The IDILIQ Foundation continues its commitment to the Provincial Association of Ostomates and their Families (OSMA).

For another year, the IDILIQ Foundation will sponsor the Hospital Cycling Day for the World Day of Ostomised People, set for October. Ambassadors and volunteers from Mijas have shown their support by presenting T-shirts and sweatshirts to OSMA representatives for the event. This gathering aims to raise awareness about ostomates and their needs.

OSMA is a non-profit organization comprising ostomates and their families. Its primary goal is to improve the emotional, social, and professional lives of those living with an ostomy. Key objectives include reducing stigma, promoting the implementation of adapted toilets in public spaces, and raising awareness about the challenges faced by ostomates.

In Spain, there are 210,000 direct ostomates and over one million indirectly affected individuals, including family members. The number of new cases increases by approximately 16,000 each year.