Supporting charities in Spain

When was the IDILIQ Foundation launched?

Roy Peires, a philanthropist, and founder established the Smile Foundation in 1999, which subsequently evolved into the IDILIQ Foundation in 2020. Roy Peires, driven by a strong commitment to merging business aspirations and social responsibility, created this charity with the primary goal of contributing to the well-being of the community in Tenerife and the Costa del Sol.
Fundacion Idiliq donation Malaga Spain

What impact has this charity made on local communities?

The Foundation has positively impacted the Costa del Sol and Tenerife, with the sole aim of improving the quality of life for those who need it most. Launched by Roy Peires as a non-profit institution, the Foundation tirelessly manages and develops social initiatives to improve the quality of life for individuals facing challenging circumstances.
Fundacion Idiliq walkathon - Marcha por Cudeca

How does the Foundation help local communities?

The Foundation identifies those in need and strives to find effective solutions that will help them. With unwavering tenacity and dedication, the Foundation provides a valuable service to society, ensuring no one is left behind. The Foundation is active in its ongoing fundraising efforts for the ADIMI Care Centre in Mijas, Cudeca Foundation Hospice in Benalmádena, AECC cancer charity, The Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation, and Down Tenerife, plus support of local initiatives such as walkathons and reading campaigns.

Fundacion Idiliq walkathon - Marcha por Cudeca
Fundacion Idiliq Charity donation - ADIMI Care Centre

Is there an example of a specific project that has had a major impact on the region thanks to the Foundation?

In a project close to Roy Peires’ heart, the charity donated €1,600,000 towards the construction of the F. Cruz Dias-ADIMI Care Centre in Mijas, which provides treatment to more than 220 users. This was the Foundation’s most ambitious social project to date, and Roy Peires remains passionate about the crucial work the Centre does. ADIMI receives ongoing support from the Foundation through various campaigns aimed at raising important funds that will improve the quality of life for its users.