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A year after the inauguration of the computer room, the IDILIQ Foundation witnessed first-hand the positive outcomes of the computer workshops organised by Fuensocial Fuengirola, facilitated by the donation of the Foundation.

Representatives from both organisations, along with Fuengirola’s Mayoress Ana Mula, Social Welfare Councillor Cristina Bornao, and Provincial Deputy Francisco José Martín, convened for a presentation to highlight the various courses conducted over the past year. During the meeting, students showcased their progress, highlighting their eagerness to tackle upcoming training sessions.

Juan Miguel Marcos, President of the IDILIQ Foundation, expressed immense satisfaction with the project, acknowledging the dedication of the volunteers from the company’s ICT department, stating: “We are very excited to be able to witness the great progress achieved by the users of the centre, who have had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the use of new technologies.”

To facilitate the computer room at Fuensocial Fuengirola, volunteers from the IDILIQ Foundation dedicated several years to wiring both the network and electricity, ensuring the space was suitable. Additionally, the Foundation donated 14 fully equipped and updated computers along with office desks.