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The IDILIQ Foundation has launched its traditional blood donation campaign, now in its sixth year.

A mobile unit from the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre of Malaga has travelled to Wyndham Costa del Sol resort to allow company employees, clients and the general public to come forward to donate blood.

“After having had to stop due to the pandemic, we are once again taking up an initiative that we have been carrying out for so many years. We have many employees interested in donating blood and we know how necessary it is, so we put the facilities in place for this to happen” explained the Treasurer of the IDILIQ Foundation, Juan José Millan.

For his part, the doctor from the Malaga Blood Transfusion Centre, Juan Mayorga, explained that “it only takes 10 minutes to donate and it doesn’t hurt – this is an incorrect fear some people have. The requirements are very basic: anyone aged 18 and weighing more than 50 kg can come forward, and it is recommended that they have had some breakfast beforehand. Anyone who does not have any infectious disease can donate and help save a life.”

In this sense, the Mijas Town Hall wanted to thank this important work that motivates people to donate blood and thus contribute to saving lives, as pointed out by the Councillor for Health, Candela León.