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The IDILIQ Foundation and the Superheroes Association: One Child, One Smile have once again joined forces with the New Culture of Development Association of Mijas to collect new toys for families at risk of social exclusion.

Over 100 toys, books, stories, and 36 kilos of sweets were generously donated. Both Juan Miguel Marcos, President of the IDILIQ Foundation and Rosa Planelles, the group’s secretary, expressed their gratitude for the contributions and ongoing support. The ceremony was attended by the mayoress of Mijas, Ana Mata, and representatives from the Junta de Andalucía and Mijas Town Hall, who recognised the important role these groups play in assisting disadvantaged families in the municipality.

The mayoress emphasised the importance of this initiative for the children of the municipality: “Together, we can ensure that the Three Wise Men remember them and that their letters reach every home.”

Ruth Sarabia praised the ongoing collaboration of the IDILIQ Foundation, not only in Mijas but also in the province with different institutions and associations: “This organisation deserves recognition for its assistance to numerous entities and vulnerable families who, unfortunately, cannot provide toys or adequate meals during this time of year. The IDILIQ Foundation is dedicated to offering support in these challenging circumstances.”