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The IDILIQ Foundation has generously donated 500 Christmas menus to the Malagueño Night Angels to help those in need. This contribution includes roast chicken, omelette, fruit, and mantecados. Antonio Meléndez, the honorary president of the group, expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for their continuous support. Juan Miguel Marcos, the president of the IDILIQ Foundation, emphasised the importance of this initiative and expressed his satisfaction in knowing that these families will have a meal on such an important day as Christmas.

Los Angeles Malagueños de la Noche provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner to more than 500 people daily. On Christmas Eve, they will distribute their traditional Christmas meal to those in need, with the help of numerous volunteers, including some from the Foundation. The group is encouraging the public to contribute in any way they can, such as volunteering or providing new ideas, to continue supporting the most vulnerable families.