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On February 13th, an event was held at the Soho Caixabank Theatre under the banner of Malaga Suns 2024. This occasion, themed “Touch the Elderly, Touch Your Heart,” celebrated the elderly, showcasing their vitality and zest for life even after 70.

Numerous authorities from Malaga City Council, the Provincial Council and the Andalusian Regional Government were present to support this initiative, along with representatives of the companies and organisations that have joined this cause once again this year.

The IDILIQ Foundation continued its partnership with the El Pimpi Foundation, working hand-in-hand with Soles de Málaga. Their collective efforts will benefit three selected projects, which will receive half of the total funds raised. These beneficiaries include Asimás, Fundación Cudeca, and Fundación Harena.

Eight other causes will share the remaining 50% of the proceeds. These include AFA and Huellas Terapeúticas, APAFFER, AROAL, ARRABAL, ASALBEZ, Asociación Hogar Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, Asociación Botika Educa Saluss, and Asociación Lupus.

Mark your calendars for the Soles de Málaga Solidarity Festival on April 27th. The festivities will begin at noon and carry on into the late hours at the Plaza de Toros de la Malagueta. Tickets are now available at Festival Soles de Málaga 2024.