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The El Pimpi Foundation has launched the fourth edition of ‘Soles de Málaga’, which will support projects relating to mental illness and intellectual disability.

Once again, the IDILIQ Foundation are supportive of this solidarity event, whose main objective is to improve the lives of people suffering from these types of illnesses.

In this edition, 50% of the proceeds from the Malaga Suns Festival 2023 will go to three major social projects; and the other 50% will go to eight causes related to mental illness and intellectual disability.

The criteria for social projects must be new, unique and sustainable over time. Support will be given to one local, one provincial and one international project that meets one of the five lines of action included in the call for proposals. For the eight social causes, prizes will be awarded to those that most help improve the day-to-day lives of the mentally ill or intellectually handicapped.

The deadline for associations and foundations to submit applications is 23 June.